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Team #7

June 26, 2011
  • Data viz project title:  Earthquakes 2011
  • Earthquakes are happening all around us, all the time, we wanted to reveal the quantity and magnitude of the seismic events of 2011 and correlate with their human consequences on the ground by showing how normal lives were transformed in minutes as Earthquakes hit.
  • Team members names: Julian Gay, Philip Nuzhnyi, Paul Pettengill
  • Affiliation of team members:  Fellow humans
  • Datasets used: Factual Earthquake data (, USGS
  • Software used:  WebGL Globe, Google App Engine, JQuery, HTML5, Python, Excel
  • Work done with the dataset before the event (describe if any): None
  • Screenshots and/or video of the results: (need a WebGL capable browser such as Chrome and machine with appropriate graphics chip)
  • Link to the result (if applicable):

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