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Team #20

June 26, 2011


The idea behind this project was to get as much data as possible to push at the browser and test the limits of what it’s capable of displaying. The data used is the twitter streaming API, and these realtime events are displayed on a 2D map in a visually stripped-down format to give the impression of activity, and let the data speak for itself.

Future improvements:
    – websockets for persistent data stream (currently ajax polling every 10s)
    – more data faster (currently 10tweets/s)
    – show spatial relationships (@mentions, WOEid text queries as animated great circle arcs)
    – sliders to customize your screensaver (colors, speeds, #s, times)
    – falling sand type animations ( ) vs. missile command
    – other spatial activity inputs
    – 3D world browser

Team members: Erik Swedberg concept+front end, Jesse Zbikowski back end

Datasets used: canned US states geoJSON from d3.js examples
Software used:
        – front end: html/css/javascript, jQuery, d3.js (
        – back end: python, pycurl, mysql

APIs used:
Work done with the dataset before the event: none.

This has been tested on the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.
Code on:


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