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Team #16

June 26, 2011

Data viz project title

  • Pathlist

Brief description

  • An iPhone app that draws multiple paths of different potential bike routes over a map of San Francisco. The elevation of the different route segments are shaded in different colors to represent how steep of climb the hills are, and, uniquely, the segments are colored by incline only in the direction of travel. By showing multiple routes at the same time, the hills are visible and your desired type of of ride to your destination can be determined.  Do you want to climb hills or ride around them? Now you can see what your route looks like before you go.

Team members names and affiliations

  • E.O. Stinson
  • Steffen Frost
  • Julia Klein
  • Kathleen Kegaarn

Datasets used

Data.SF street data (found via InfoChimps), uploaded to:

Software used


APIs used

Factual iPhone Framework/iPhone SDK

Work done with the dataset before the event (describe if any)


Screenshots and/or video of the results

Link to the result (if applicable)


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