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Team #12

June 26, 2011
  • Visualizing the Data Visualization Process
  • After many pivots, members working in parallel on different stages of the visualization process, we decided to create a visualization of our process and lessons learned.
  • Team member names: Sam Ho, Martha Pettit, Siamak Faridani, Rachel Binx, Edwin Chen
  • Affiliation of team members: Met each other at conference!
  • Datasets used: FEMA dataset, Disaster Data [Infochimps] and U.S. Population over time by county [Infochimps]
  • Excel, Python, R, Processing, Adobe Suite, Coda, Omnigraffle, Imagemagic
  • APIs explored: YouTube, Google News
  • Work done with the dataset before the event: none
  • Link to the result:

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