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How to post your results

June 21, 2011

The jury needs a reference to the work to help them to decide on the winners, and so do all the participants who will vote for the “People’s Choice” Award (see rules, judging). We therefore set up a blog where each team leader will need to hand in details about their team’s work, before their final presentation. Please read the information below carefully.

Post deadline: before you present your results on Sunday

Account creation:

On Saturday each team leader will receive an invitation to be a contributor to this blog.

Tip: if the team leader doesn’t already have an account with wordpress, he can create just a username (see screenshot of the wordpress signup page)

How you should post your results:

1. Go to and sign in

2. Make sure your profile has your first and last name

3. Create a new post on this blog, which must contain the following info:

Post title : TEAM #

Post content :

  • Data viz project title
  • Brief description
  • Team members names
  • Affiliation of team members
  • Datasets used
  • Software used
  • APIs used
  • Work done with the dataset before the event (describe if any)
  • Screenshots and/or video of the results
  • Link to the result (if applicable)

6. Submit post for review before your presentation

Having trouble? shoot David and Fabio an email, and we’ll try to help

Thank you for being transparent about your work for fairness!


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